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BLINGZ is a profit sharing new tradable counterparty asset that will be currency to our Facebook Social Platform. You can fund your account with BLINGZ.  Launching with our flagship Texas Holdem Poker  by CHETU software solutions.  We added a fun alternative to reach VIP status through filling bought collectibles to earn one of four Permanent and tradable VIP collectibles. Our game is highly share orientated giving us a awesome tool for interacting with Facebook users, bringing much needed attention to the Crypto revolution. Our primary goal with Facebook is to use it as a advertising platform for Crypto, and to grow the platforms into a profitable business, with you controlling the currency.

The Game has a ease of use, with a quality feel based on Zinga's design, with a shop selling Items and a Cashier selling Tokens and Gold accepting Fiat,  Mobile and direct Btc payments.  We will be porting game to App Stores in the future.


Social game-play offers a big market, giving BLINGZ a use and sustainability of volume. Players will be introduced to Crypto through in app info and Facebook advertising and might even be drawn into Exchanges (Where BLINGZ is accepted). Also with our advertising incentive of skinable collectibles to advertise Crypto. (No Casino's)


Trading in Crypto currencies is always risky, but having uses that can reach millions might affect it positively over time. BLINGZ will only grow through dividends payed to Cardholders(Staking) giving holders the means of supplying the market. Dividends will double every month for five months then stay at maximum for five months. Holding Cards will be distributed Free to ITO participants according to the amount they have bought. This will compensate early adopters to make sure return on investment is reached and much more. After free allocation it will be available on Counterparty Exchange to those that want to get in on the Stake dividends of over 1000%/10000 BLINGZ

BLINGZ will offer a limited amount of SHAREHOLDER seats, earning BTC dividends from profits, plus dividends of a GoldBLINGZ holder.


Bounties will be offered for Translations, Social Promoting on Twitter and Facebook.The Game needs Collectibles and Items so here we can offer Bounties to interested members. Specs and genres to follow. Also any idea for social interaction or improvements that's implemented will see rewards.




As our  Advertising initiative we offer skinable Collectibles / Items to showoff your personal logo's while seated playing Poker,  in your inventory or in the shop.                
Exchanges housing  BLINGZ will receive Free in App  Advertising in the " Where to get BLINGZ " section and a Free Permanent item to advertise your Logo.



 Counterparty Webwallet / Exchange          https://counterwallet.io/


The Token sale is the fairest way of distribution,  benefiting early adopters, long term and short term  investors.
To make Holding Cards more accessible we decided to let you have BLINGZ at 100000 / BTC or 1000 Satoshi.


At our Vending machine:  http://coinvend.io/BLINGZ
At Counterparty Exchangehttps://counterwallet.io/

After Token offering over Cards will be available and DIVIDENDS will be sent to Cardholders on the last Monday of each Month. This month being on 26th October 2015.